Prateek is the founder of Digital Defynd, One of Asia’s Largest digital marketing communities and is an acclaimed digital marketing trainer. Over the years, he has trained several professionals to empower them in the  domain of digital media. An early online evangelist, his training expertise stems from successfully having managed campaigns for an array of clients across the industry.

He is a partner trainer with Google India, Digital Vidya(One of Asia’s Largest Digital Marketing Training organisations), AIMA(All India Management Association)and UK Based Knowledge Engineers.

  Over the years, Prateek has trained professionals at organisations like Philips, Citibank, Mahindra, DISH TV,  NASSCOM, ABP News, SBI, Newgen, FICCI, AMA and more. His retail workshops have been attended by the employees of various organisations like Sony Pix, Hindustan Times, CNN IBN, Hungama Digital among many others.

In true Internet Marketing Style, here are 10 Things You Must Know About Prateek

1. He is regularly invited to speak at conferences globally.

2.He is an Engineer turned Banker turned PR professional turned Digital Marketer

3. He conducts regular webinars to help professionals wanting to learn Digital Marketing

4. He conducts Professional Digital Marketing Training and Workshops with Digital Vidya

5. He is a Partner Trainer with Google India

6. He has trained thousands of professionals across the world through online and offline workshops

7. He also conducts trainings for Colleges and B Schools

8. He founded Digital Defynd, the community of Digital Marketers which is one of the largest in Asia and has over 20,000 members

9. He regularly shares his thoughts in the media as well

10. And the true purpose of his life is to Spread Smiles :)

Some of his Clients over the years


What Attendees Say About His Workshops


Chandna Sethi, Head-Marketing & Business Development,
The Tata Management Training Centre(TMTC)

Prateek brings both a high level of domain knowledge, as well as a very engaging style – his sense of humor is a bonus! – and much patience to his role as facilitator of a social media marketing course. I recently attended one of these workshops that he conducts online as well, and Prateek did a great job of helping make sense of the digital media landscape, how it can be leveraged by marketers, and, importantly, the questions to ask.

Jeffrey TAN
, The New Age Fishmonger at Dishthefish

Prateek has deep domain knowledge in the latest trend of social media development. Selfless in sharing all his knowledge as well as the tools and resources available for the various social media platforms. Patience is another key attribute Prateek possesses, as a social media coach, he is always willing to answer all queries from his students. I enjoyed his class as much as I enjoyed him as a person.


Mythra V, National Sales Head for Telecom Giant

Prateek is THE Man to reckon with for Social media…I’ve had the privilege to be trained under him on Social Media Marketing….he has lured me and the entire class into the subject matter just by his sheer passion and his amicable nature. His style is very forthcoming and truly engaging. I am now excited and motivated to go out and explore the Digital World!


Behnaaz Engineer, Professional Coach

Prateek’s knowledge of the digital medium is rich and varied! And am very glad to say that he walked us novices thru the course patiently and thoroughly. Spending time with Prateek will make you want to truly understand and harness the power of digital media!


You can read more about what professionals have to say about Prateek and his workshops here.

Media Coverage


Article in Small & Medium Entrepreneur Magazine
Article in Small & Medium Entrepreneur Magazine


Article on Use and Misuse of Social Media in The Sunday Indian Media Watch Magazine
Article on Use and Misuse of Social Media in The Sunday Indian Media Watch Magazine


After Social Media Day event in Ahmedabad
After Social Media Day event in Ahmedabad


To Sum it all Up