Look around the many windows on your screen and what do you see. Tweets tweets and more tweets. The celebrities, business magnets, media persons,  organisations and even fake users, they are all tweeting. Right from the time internet came into public existence, the world has been shrinking. But with the arrival of social media, it has contracted further. hi5, orkut, youtube, facebook and twitter(yes there are a thousand more, but these are some of the ones which have done well in this part of the world), they have just made Manhattan look so close to Mumbai.

While every medium has its own share of sharing the success, it is twitter which truly stands out in bridging gaps. A feat which it achieved merely by encapsulating people’s lives in 140 characters and broadcasting it across the twitterverse(which by the way will soon be able to be interchangeably used with the universe). Like many other fads and trends, this one also had its roots in the west. Congressmen, brands and film stars, they all started tweeting. 30 years ago, if a style statement or even a new technology had to travel across countries, it literally had to traverse that distance. It took months if not years for the trend to catch up here in the East. But times have changed since then. While due credit must go to the tech savvy

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra was one of the first Indian celebrities to make optimum use of the social media platform. Gul Panag could perhaps be credited with starting the trend in the country.

ministers and authors and actors for introducing tweets to the ‘junta’, it is interesting to see people catch up with or without them.

In addition to the attention grabbing flock, today in India there are news channels, technology websites, social causes, journalists, brokerage houses, brands, companies and multitudes of people following them. And what are they discussing? The movie they just saw, the match they are watching, the TV show that’s gone bonkers, the article that moved them, the car that they couldn’t get their eyes off or even the parliament. Many people i talk to have a crazy apprehension(much like i did few months ago) “I don’t understand twitter.”,”It’s too difficult”, “I can manage facebook, but twitter! no no, way too dynamic”. But if so many fellow countrymen can do it, why can’t you? And if your argument is that there are just a handful Desis doing it, then this should interest you. Looking at just the trending topics(the most discussed about 10 topics from around the globe, which keeps updating, available on the right tab of your home page) from the past 3-4 months, you had  ‘MNIK'(MyName is Khan) when Sena stirred quite a controversy around it, there was ‘Sachin’ when he scored the double hundred

and Mumbai Indians recently joined the list when the IPL went underway. So what does it prove? Rather, how does it

IPL and Mumbai Indians trending on twitter

matter? My Name is Khan, with the average movie that it is, could have become a global success because the world got to know about it. Cricket and Sachin Tendulkar might have got a new fan following outside the 12 test playing nations when everybody tweeted about it. I know, a ‘could’ and a ‘may’ are not reason enough for you to believe that it works, but same goes for the lakhs of dollars spent in traditional marketing campaigns which definitely bring about some difference but never is there a direct constant correlation between marketing spends and sales figures.

To sum up, I’d just say –

“Each day, just like the water you drink & the food you eat,even if just a little,you must tweet,you must tweet.”

The Indians are Tweeting!
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