The most famous Twitter minister in Indian politics apparently had to call it quits because of his unbiased views on all matters which came out in the form of tweets. Though the final nail in the coffin was delivered by Lalit Modi, it is widely being said that it was Tharoor’s twitter obsession which cost him the job. All this while, Tharoor had got 726, 000 + people to follow him on the site which has now given rise to a movement of sorts. Netizens across mediums(facebook, twitter, Orkut and elsewhere) are vouching support and demanding Tharoor to be brought back to office.

Already, there is an online petition which has found good number of supporters and many other groups and fan pages which have come up favouring the ex minister.

Support Shashi Tharoor

Are we in the age where online movements can lead to maligning a government or changing people’s perspective towards an individual? Never before the twitter fad has there been such a fast exchange of thoughts and ideas, channeling support for a cause. Do governments also start needing to take this medium seriously? Is it time every party gives rise to more twitter ministers to keep a check and grow support amongst the netizens?

Is it time for Twiterrati to be taken seriously in India?
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