TV has perhaps been one of the most important inventions ever providing news, information and entertainment to millions across the globe. After radio, television has easily been the favourite pastime for everyone. While there were

Television with Antenna
The traditional TV set that brought about a global revolution Image via Wikipedia

national channels to begin with, cable soon took over and today there are more channels that are offered than your tv set can support.

But then we were introduced to this new kind of screen, which came originally with a bulky box, an automated typewriter and a tiny device to switch and scroll. They called it a computer, aka PC/desktop/Laptop/Ipad.

So what’s the comparison? They are both screens to begin with, then they offer content and most importantly can help people spend a lot of time, fruitful or otherwise. In the case of TV, the story pretty much stops there, with a computer though, the story only begins. Enter Internet, along come a whole lot of news sites, even more social sites and multiple audio and video sharing sites. The question is, can your computer ever replace television, or will we see computers connected with internet which also offer us live TV content or the TV, which itself could give us more than cable television(YouTube?)

Posed this question to a lot of internet users(to help strengthen the point :) )and here are some viewpoints –

Digital Marketing Manager at Globostay,  Varun Patil expresses “TV watching is down to 20 minutes for me on

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...
YouTube has become one of front runners of offering content from the past that we may want to revisit. Also includes, current shows which we like a lot. Image via CrunchBase

weekdays. I think it will be a ‘Internet Connection with TV’ instead of a ‘TV with an Internet connection’. The difference between the two is: TV will ride on the internet’s raw power as a medium. My TV watching includes movies, news and programs/serials which have already aired 2-3 months back in a different region. Movies and news are already available to the Indian customer. Sadly, the serials are still not open to the Asian region. An internet connected TV is not distant at all. In fact the technology has been there for a long time. I think what TV networks will ultimately do is shift TV to the internet instead of going the other way round.”

Theatre Actor, Kautuk Saksena added “My tv viewing has really dropped. I think i have more control of what i see on the net, whereas on tv things are just shovelled down our throats.  I prefer the net obviously with broadband.”

Guys have traditionally been technology enthusiasts and are first ones to catch on to the bandwagon. Though there has been increased talk of females also going gaga over gadgets and gizmos, there still seems to be some apprehension when such a case is discussed. “To me an internet connected TV doesn’t seem interesting , but yes the online space has a better grip . Different age groups of people are keen to explore more on the internet where they actively participate in sharing and gathering of information that is of interest to them. In  the coming years, the internet will be a necessity and a way of life – and we will soon see more people glued to their computers than watching TV!” said Communication Specialist Suhasini Shekar . Some still find TV just as interesting for the sheer distressing factor involved with it as opinionated by the  Corporate Communications manager at one of leading global IT organisations “Online is taking over by force, because we are made to sit in front of it throughout the day. I detest switching on my computer once i am home. Given a choice, i still prefer watching TV. Even with its nonsense, it’s really distressing and entertaining.”

But there are enthusiasts who clearly see the future of TV as being interconnected with Internet. Entrepreneur Daivesh Shah who is clearly a social media enthusiast shared with us this video as his answer . Its all about the concepts feels Engineer Shubham Vashishtha “Maybe the future lies with

Google TV
Google TV - Tv meets web, web meets TV. Is this the future? Image by cvander via Flickr

concepts, like google tv ,if promoted right , could be the next BIG thing”. Avijit, a Banker expresses “I dont watch TV at all apart from CNBC TV18 news at 8 or India’s match that too side working wit my Lappy. They serve such pathetic content.”

Despite all of this, the majority of the audience is clearly spending time at both places. A fact exemplified by Gaurav Dwivedi, who works with the Indian Administrative Services “I usually have the TV on while i am surfing, so i switch back and forth between the two media, the total time spent viewing tv parallely with surfing remains more or less the same, maybe an hour or hour and a half each day, including news, some part of a movie etc” For some cases though, life is more or less the same with the internet having made no difference to their tv viewing time “In my case, I still watch TV and don’t think the online space has made much of a difference for me” said Alka Ojha, PR professional.

So what is the answer? I leave that for you to think and comment here :)

The transition has begun, and the future holds many surprises for all of us. Be prepared!

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Will Internet get the better of TV?
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