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Today is a sad day. The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs is no more. For those who know him, there is nothing that needs to be said, for those who don’t, just know that he was one individual who truly revolutionised a lot of things on the planet.

Death is inevitable, sooner or later we will all go, and even though death is a bad thing, the greatest learning comes from it.

Here are some ways in which Steve has taught us so much, lets learn, follow and implement –

1. Live. Achieve. Leave

2. Live like a legend, die like a legend

3. Don’t be the guy who studies at Stanford, be the one who goes and delivers a speech there

4. Nothing is permanent and nobody knows when their time will come. Better do all that you want to do today

5. What matters at the end is not the amount of money you make, but the kind of impact you create in the world.

Many billionaires will come and go, but not all will be remembered as fondly as Steve Jobs. Long Live Steve. You have been a true hero

Live Achieve Leave

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