The HPOriginals Indiblogger Meet in Delhi!

I love meetups of all sorts, i especially like the ones where you get to meet the online junta. Indiblogger has been gracious enough to organise such meetups all across the country and Delhi was graced with one recently as well :)

Let me sum it up in brief what happened at this meet –

1. Around 130+ bloggers who write on a variety of issues from liver transplant to ‘how to get your girl back’ turned up at this event

2. The room was full of excitement and energy, everybody bubbling with joy!

3. The HP guys decided to play Santa and distributed as many pen drives and printers as they could.

4. After getting to know Indiblogger better and how HP is offering cartridges at affordable prices, every blogger got his/her 30 seconds of fame

5. There was  a  man who started his blog in 2012 and had earned lakhs through it so far..hmmm

6. Then we all played a treasure hunt game where we had to look for the right QR codes in teams of 20. Our team ‘Qrazy Bloggers’ won!! :D

7. Then we had yummy snacks after which i was asked to host this Spoof on We The People , where i became Rajdeep Dutt Goswami!

8. In the panel we had  everybody right from Kapil Sibal, Jaya Natrajan, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Suhel Seth and some more people. Oh and the topic of the debate was Kapilsibaldotcom

Kapilsibaldotcom hosted by Rajdeeep Dutt Goswami (Pic courtesy @meIHM )

9. Then we laughed and had fun and we laughed a little more and had some more fun and we kept giggling till the time it was all over :)

Videos courtesy – @meIHM ( )

10. As we left we were all gifted super amazing Indiblogger T Shirts! That was the threshold moment in making us all say three cheers to Indiblogger! Hip Hip Hurraayy!! You Guys Rock!!! Keeep up with the goood work!! :) And yeah, big thanks to HP, please keep organising such meetups :)

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