Free the Internet, free the people

The best way to a better tomorrow is using the internet and spreading word about the many scams, controversies and wrongdoings being perpetuated by the governments and the giant corporate of the world. The governments also know that, and therefore are leaving no stone unturned in making the internet less open and more controlled.

Wikipedia cierra
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The congress is doing it in the US with SOPA/PIPA and the Indian government is doing it with trying to block content on the web. I was born in a free democratic nation and i want to die a free man too. If you want to enjoy your freedom too, then support Wikipedia’s black out and spread word about it
These are the beginnings of a new kind of war, one where people from all the world will get together against the governments. The battlefield this time will be cyberspace.

Social Media for Social Change

NGOs, non profits and any other social organisation which is working towards social change in the society most importantly needs to make use of social media. I was recently invited by Center of Civil Society ( ) for a talk on social media at their conference titled ipolicy for Development Leaders’ . It was a pleasure getting to meet some great people who are trying to bring about all kinds of good changes through their initiatives. Find below the video from the talk, hope you can gain something out of it as well.



Social Media Business Bootcamp in Delhi NCR

I am conducting a two day business bootcamp in Noida in the  month of January. Come join in if you love social media or are interested in exploring the same :) Details below –

“Having a strong online reputation allows people to listen to you, buy your product/service and be a part of what you have to offer. Social Media has taken this world by storm. This new media is creating a new generation of influencers and it is resetting the hierarchy of authority, while completely freaking out those who once held power without objection. The truth is that most of the existing formulas, methodologies, and systems miss or completely ignore the role of new influencers to inspire action, cause change, spark trends and recruit advocates.

After so many successful workshops Urban Vidya brings to you next, a 2-days Business Bootcamp.
If you want to be a part of this revolution and leverage social media for the success of your brand, then come be a part of this bootcamp.

Who can do this?

This bootcamp is not for the conventional, for those who are risk adverse and for those who don’t like change. It’s for:

– Entrepreneurs who want to streamline their business and implement systems
– Business owners who want to work ON their business not in it
– Creatives who want to understand how to use online marketing to grow their business
– Busy people who want to become more productive and successful
– Smart and savvy people who understand how powerful Social Media is for any business
– People who want to have a thriving business and their ultimate lifestyle

What will you gain?

• Learn the key concepts of Social Media and understand how it differs from other forms of marketing (both online and offline).
• Learn how organizations can, at 140 characters a tweet, turn this into a powerful marketing tool.
• Explore why would an organization blog? What would they blog about? How do they create fresh, relevant content? How can organizations hook up blogs to other social media channels?
• Profiles, friends, groups, networks, social ads, pages, polls… What does it all mean and how can you leverage the power of Facebook to improve your marketing efforts?
• Know how does an organization use LinkedIn which is one of the biggest professional networking sites in the world to develop new contacts, to enhance the online image of their company, to talk and engage with their peers and to advertise to specific audiences?
• Explore the range of sites that are on the web and begin to identify strategies that your company could adopt to maximize their potential.
• Learn all the online tools to help you run effective campaigns
• Tips and suggestions customized to your brand’s need
• Measuring the success of your campaign
• Live Project to implement all that you will learn

Fees: Rs 5000/-

To Register/Know more:

1. SMS “SMB_yourname” to 9582011500
2. Call on 9582011500
3. Email: [email protected]
4. Online Registration :

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