Entrepreneurship and parenthood  

  1. There is only one way to know how it feels to be a parent without being one Become an entrepreneur.
  2. When your child is born, lifemay go haywire for a while, but you enjoy it never the less
  3. Every smallthing,that first step,the first word is cherished deeply, and fills you up with joy and excitement.
  4. You want to boast about yourkids and their achievements to everybody in the world.
  5. A word of appreciation, from anybody, feels priceless.
  6. Parents want their child toexcel in some field, right from the day he or she’s born.
  7. A lot of parents always want tosee their children outdo other children
  8. No matter what the worldsays, every parent believes intheir kid even against all odds
  9. Every parent nurtures their kid and eagerly awaits the day when the kid will stand on their own feet
  10. And so goes on the story of the parent and kid, an everlasting tale that may span generations.Often, the parent looks back at the years gone by and feels like telling everybody just one thing, become an entrepreneur, it’s worth it :)

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Entrepreneurship and parenthood
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