Social media is bringing about lots of change across the globe, so when i was invited by the ‘International Youth Forum for Policy, Change and Development‘ to speak on the issue, i decided to showcase ways in which our world is witnessing change thanks to Social and online media. ┬áThis seminar was special, as it gave me the chance to address youngsters from across the globe, a first for me :)

Many thanks and kudos to Alexis for organising a wonderful event. Big ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’ to all the youngsters who made for an extremely interactive audience ! Loved meeting you all and glad to have befriended youon facebook :)

Another important thing, thanks to the seminar, i created a ppt which was then uploaded to slideshare and happened to go on to feature on their homepage! The presentation follows –

Here are some pictures from the event –

Its time to rise and shine

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