I’ve lately been using a lot of Uber and I must say I am in love with the app. The moment you log on, you are shown all these cars in the vicinity, and then one comes flying to your pick up location. The best part about all of it is the GPS tracking along the way, all the way. Uber pvt driver

Now just the way I can see my car come to me, wouldn’t it be great if this technology could be extended everywhere. Say everybody in this world has a location enabled, high speed internet smart phone. You wake up in the morning and the maid hasn’t turned up to do the dishes from last night. Instead of frantically calling to find out where s/he is, you simply check the location on the map, an app shows you the time it will take for her to reach you and voila! You might as well go back to your sleep.MaidApp.

BossApp(Rightly titled Bapp). The meeting’s at 10. The boss is there at 9:54. Employee No. 4576 is missing. A call is made by No. 4577. The missing one says he is stuck in traffic on NH76. BossApp says otherwise. There goes the appraisal.

You just got free from a meeting in that far fetched location you’ve never been to before. You’ve got time to kill. You think of calling random people up to check if they aroung. Better still, you post a tweet or a facebook post asking if anybody’s around to catch up. Nobody responds. You add another small failure to an ever increasing list. But that will happen no more! With CatchApp you can track all your friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, and the people who are trying to avoid you, all around you! Simply log on to the app, see who’s around, send a few messages and you are having the next frAppe at that nearby joint with the 4.3 rating on FApp(No wait, we’ll let that be FoodApp).

Those will be the days. That will be the future. Until then, gotta rush, UberApp says the driver’s almost here!

How about an Uber cool world?
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