Creating Awesome Online Communities with Asha and Akshay!

DigitalDefyndChat Asha Chaudhry Akshay Chhugani Prateek Shah

Presenting India’s first ever Digital Marketing Chat Show! To be conducted over YouTube Hangouts, this show is about bringing hidden gems of the digital marketing industry to the forefront! Guests for the first edition of the same are two bright individuals, Asha and Akshay who have created Awesome Online Communities!

Asha Chaudhry ( is the Co-founder & Editor of India’s most vibrant online community of entrepreneurs – – which is around 10,500 members strong. In her previous life she was an advertising professional.

Akshay Chhugani ( is Founder & Chief Backpacker of Indian Backpacker, which was recently acquired by ixigo; Akshay now heads Traveler Communities there.

Prateek Shah (, Digital Marketing Trainer will be hosting the show, and comes with several years of training and consulting experience.

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Its time to start migrating from the city of Facebook

Social Media Leave facebook

I like to talk about this analogy in my trainings. Facebook is like a city. Brands are shop owners. Originally there were few, business was booming, then the shopkeepers grew, now the struggle signs are looming. Look around the world, and a common pattern can be observed across metro towns. They slowly become too expensive for the very people who lived, worked and built the city. Facebook is no different. Its becoming an increasingly expensive city.

The people’s social network, the one which gave birth and voice to millions of voices across the world is actually becoming unlivable for smaller brands who don’t have the money to reach out to too many people. Organic reach is at an all time low, and even if some brands manage to come up with exquisite content and creativity to stand out and be noticed, most of them that are small in size are increasingly finding it difficult to find customers in this city. Many, who have spent months and years in building their pages and profiles are wondering what to do next. With more people and more brands joining in, fewer things are happening organically. Spend the money if you want to grow, don’t and then the stagnation shows.

One simple solution is migration. Move to another city, expand to another country, where there are lesser brands, more opportunity, one where you might find the required publicity. You may not leave facebook in entirety, but places like instagram, pinterest, linkedin or other platforms of digital marketing could well be your new digital home. But will the next station be the final bet? Who knows, in the online world, nothing in stone is set. If we can be sure of one thing in the social space, it is to not settle down, keep moving on :)

Social Media has left traditional media behind

social media traditional media

Circa 2009. People started giving up Orkut accounts to switch to facebook. This fancy looking suave place was so full of promise. More privacy, more control, more style, more chutzpah. Oh those were the times, when we were all busy discovering friends on facebook. “Hey, are you on facebook? Yeah! Add me!” Time passed, and the numbers slowly started swelling, literally everybody started trickling, the brands had started shouting, the people had resorted to ranting and the spammers had found newer ways to do seeding. The Singapore skyline had started looking more like the busy streets of Bangalore. While this clutter affects and hurts everybody equally, what hurts the most is what we the people turned social media into.

This new media was supposed to be an alternate to media. Sadly, over time, it has actually turned out to be just the same at many levels. Pages and communities originally built to cater to certain niche segments all seem to be posting the same content. Click bait in all its glory is used everywhere. Anything sensational is spread all across, while the real deal gets missed in the mayhem. There are lots of good pages and channels all around, but most seem to have taken the simpler route to drive more traffic. There are examples of news publications posting provocative content just to get more likes, while there are many niche websites who have had to resort to promote the same content being posted everywhere just because that’s what grabs the eyeballs. Murder mysteries get more coverage here as well, while important events get lost in the process. Journalists are often blamed to not go to the depth of the matter, and people on social media don’t tend to read beyond the headlines before forming their opinions.

What was new, has actually left behind the old in creating an absolutely new kind of sensational media, one that thrives on virality, sensation and negativity.

From NDTV, its become closer to India TV. From The Hindu, its closer to Delhi Times. Not that any of this will change, or that it needs to, but just feels a little sad to see a medium for the people by the people become a victim of the same fate as other media. Social media, over the years has not just caught up with traditional media, but has actually surged ahead in spreading a lot of nonsense. May wisdom prevail.