Lessons in Online Employer Branding from Myntra Founder’s Farewell Video

Myntra YouTube Farewell Grab
Source : Myntra’s YouTube Channel

You might have heard the news by now about Mukesh Bansal, Founder of Myntra having decided to move on and start another venture. Now while that news doesn’t mean much to the common man, Team Myntra’s Farewell video bidding him adieu says a lot about him, the company and the culture of the company.

First have a look at the video before we discuss further –

Now even though Myntra’s sole intention of uploading this personal video on their public YouTube account must have been one of paying a tribute to their Founder, it makes for a very interesting case study from the point of view of employer branding in the digital age.

Lets look at what we can learn about Online Employer Branding from this video –

1. Bring a Personal Touch

People increasingly don’t want to talk to brands. No they don’t dislike branding, but when it comes to talking, they’d be better off talking to people. Give the brand a face, or multiple faces, make people speak, people like to hear people more than brands.

2. Capture Moments

Simple thing to do which most companies forget. Keep clicking! Pictures, videos, from that offsite, or that lunch, or that fun moment or even that business meeting. One day, you will cherish it all. While you can’t go back in time and click more, you can start today.


3. Share company’s philosophy beyond mentioning it in vision mission statements

Nobody but the people who draft it read a company’s mission vision statements(Ok, some interviewees still do). You’ve got to make the company come alive, got to make people see the philosophy beyond words.


4. Make corporate videos fun

Boring is so last century. No matter how serious a company you are, everybody has a little bit of fun. If you truly want to attract good people to work for you, then show them they can have a good time too.


5. Use Social Media

Incidentally, I first discovered this video on LinkedIn, and it had already for multiple likes and comments there. Your employees are your best brand endorsers. Every share counts, and every endorsement counts even more. Give your employees something worth talking with the external world.

Source : LinkedIn
Source : LinkedIn


So those were just some thoughts one could draw from the video you just saw. Anything else comes to mind? Feel free to share and add any other good examples in the comments section too.


How to extract Email ids of your LinkedIn Contacts

How to extract Linkedin Contacts

Your LinkedIn profile is a goldmine. Time to dig for some gold.

I ask a lot of people what they do with their LinkedIn profile and most often the answer is that people look for jobs, read some articles, ‘connect’ with people and that’s largely it. What most people don’t seem to realise is that this most important professional network they are on, can open a lot of new doors for them, only if they realise to use it wisely. This is the first in a series of articles where we try and see what LinkedIn can do for  you.

For all you sales professionals, HR managers, and all the people wanting to get in touch with people, this is how you can extract EMail IDs of all your contacts on LinkedIn.

Step 1 : Mouse over My Network on the header bar and click on Connections

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 1


Step 2 : Click on the ‘gear’ Settings Button on the far right

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 2


Step 3 : On the next page, under Advanced Settings, click on Export LinkedIn Connections

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 3


Step 4 : Now simply choose the format that suits you the best and click on Export

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 4


Step 5 : Fill in the words shown in the security verification / Captcha image and proceedHow to extract LinkedIn Contacts 5


Step 6 : Your download appears in the bottom download bar

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 6


Step 7 : This Excel sheet holds a lot of rich information about all your contacts

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 7


The email ids you extract here can be used for multiple purposes, right from targeting custom audiences on Facebook, EMail Marketing, direct one on one marketing and so on. Ideally, you must keep taking a download of this data for you never know when LinkedIn stops allowing users to do it. So if you haven’t done it so far, then right now wouldn’t be too bad a time either :)

More articles in the how to series to follow. If you have any specific questions, post them in the comments below, request an article or ask a question in our forum section.

How to use IFTTT to automate your Social Media Activities


Humans are lazy by nature, therefore some humans act smarter and find solutions to take care of the laziness inside us.

Here is a guide to help you get started with automating your social media presence. These are the basic steps to get started, if you need any more help, do mention the same in comments.

Before we go on to the recipes, let us try and understand what IFTTT is and how you can make effective use of it. So IFTTT (or If This Then That) is an automation tool designed to Trigger certain responses in response to certain triggers. What I mean is that when a certain action is taken or triggered, a certain action can be triggered in response. Example : Update Pinterest when you upload picture on Instagram, or update LinkedIn when a new article is published on some site, or Turn WiFi off when you leave home. Ha! Gotcha with the third one, it ain’t possible, or it is? (It is!)

Step 1 : Time to get started with creating an IFTTT account. Go to http://ifttt.com

IFTTT Home Page DigitalDefynd

Step 2 : Sign Up

IFTTT DigitalDefynd 2


Step 3 : Few clicks on This and That and Continue

IFTTT Digital Defynd 4

Brings you to a screen that asks you to choose channels that interest you. Just choose the channels you happen to use the most often, for this will allow the platform to show you relevant recipes for you.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 5


Step 4 : My Recipes

Finally, instead of choosing the recipes being suggested to you, go to the top menu and choose My Recipes Instead.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 3
Now lets get to the part of cooking recipes.

Let’s just warm up with this one shall we. Start by clicking on ‘Create a Recipe’

IFTTT Digital Defynd 7


Step 5 : Trigger Channel

In this case, select Facebook and Connect your Facebook account.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 8


Step 6 : Choose a Trigger

Depending on what you intend to do, you can choose any of these triggers. If you want to share each post from your facebook account to twitter or just the link posts or photos, just choose the one that fits your requirement the best.

IFTTT Trigger Channel DigitalDefynd


Step 7 : Complete Trigger Fields

In many cases there wouldn’t be any extra fields to fill, however if you find some, just fill them with appropriate information like Area /Location , or the Link URL or something else.

IFTTT Digital Defynd


Step 8 : Choose Action Channel

Type twitter in this case and connect your twitter account with IFTTT.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 11

Step 9 : Choose an Action

Now in a regular facebook to twitter share feature, you do not get so many options, but here you have a lot to choose from. So pick up something appropriate and move ahead.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 12

Step 10 : Complete Action Fields

Now in addition to choosing what you want to specifically post from your facebook feed, you also have the chance to choose what do you want to publish on twitter from that post. Just click on that ‘Beaker / Conical Flask’ on the right and select appropriate ingredient.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 14


Step 11 : Create and Connect

The final step where you get to quickly glance over your recipe and make any changes by going back if required.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 15

Now once you’ve created a recipe, you can pause, edit or stop it anytime you want. The 4 buttons that you see after you are done creating the recipe will allow you to do that.

IFTTT Digital Defynd 17

You can similarly create recipes to automate a lot of online processes that you may be spending a lot of time on right now. If you need any more assistance with any recipes or IFTTT in general, feel free to comment and let me know about it.

16 simple ways to become better at Digital Marketing in 2016


16 simple ways to get better at Digital Marketing in 2016 by Prateek Shah Founder Digital Defynd

Nothing in digital marketing is simple, the title is well just to make you click and read on.

There’s almost nothing that changes as fast as the digital industry. New ideas, new technologies, new companies, they all make changes happen drastically. Users want something today, and something completely different the day after. While there is no one sure shot way of being sure about what the future holds in store, one can always look back, connect the dots, witness what is currently happening and plan for the future.

Presenting what I think are some ways in which you can plan well for 2016, some thoughts and perspectives which can help you shape your digital marketing strategies better for the year that lies ahead. Here are ’16 simple ways to become better at Digital Marketing in 2016′ –

1. Never forget the 3Cs

The 3Cs of digital marketing are these 3 pillars, 3 commandments, 3 rules which you should never break. The sad reality is that most brand managers and digital marketers tend to make the usual mistakes of not abiding by these 3 Cs, and as a result, most campaigns suffer.

a. Content

..is king they say, and they are right. But just to clarify, content doesn’t just mean what we write, it is about the very thought that goes into creating something valuable. Write well, produce well, but most importantly think well on the drawing board to make sure somebody finds your ‘content’ worthy of ‘consumption’

b. Creativity

Creativity doesn’t mean Photoshop, or that video editing software, or Canva for that matter. Creativity is the creation of something interesting, something enticing, something that makes people come towards it, something that draws attention. Be creative at the very core of what you do, right from the time you think of that product.

c. Common Sense

Now it’s one thing to have great content and be innovative, but another to go overboard. Don’t let creativity and content get the better of you, and make sure your ideas do end up catering to the very people they are meant for in the first place. Make things simple for the user they are intended for. People don’t want to see the best creativity and content, they just want something they can understand and relate to, try and give them that.

3cs of Digital Marketing Creativity Content and Common Sense Creativity Content and Common Sense
2. Research before you begin

Digital marketing gives us the power that traditional marketing never could, the power of instant search and research. No matter if it is a campaign in Africa or a video that is doing really well in Australia, you can watch it all, and find it all on the internet. If only we would start investing 10% of our marketing efforts in doing due research, analysing existing case studies, studying different models, our ROI of all sorts would naturally improve. Research before you invest, and the returns will surely be better.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket

2013-2015 practically belonged to social media, but there seems to be a shift already. Brands are realising they facebook can’t just be their entire digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing needs to go beyond social, and needs to mean much more than just facebook and twitter. Go back to SEO, invest in email marketing, try indulging in good old blogging and essentially keep trying.

(Recommended read : Its time to start migrating from the city of facebook )

4. Digital Marketing is not free. You need to start spending money.

One big problem with many people’s perception towards digital is that they hope and expect it to be affordable if not outright free. Yes, there are stories of people having made it big online simply with brilliant content, but those examples are few and far between. If you really want your brand to do well, you need to get serious about spending some serious money in 2016.


5. Build something concrete

So you have a facebook page, and a twitter handle, maybe even a LinkedIn or an instagram account. But do you have something concrete that actually supports all this? Is there something sturdy where you try to redirect all this traffic to? Is your website up to date and responsive? The problem is we have got so consumed by the fluff, that we have almost forgotten to concentrate on that which is concrete. Let us go back to building rich and beautiful websites whose content gets discovered and shared on its own.

You might be interested in reading Stop building facebook pages, start building websites instead


6. Learn. Even if you outsource.

The thing with digital marketing is that it keeps evolving practically every day. Now no matter who takes care of your digital marketing, you need to remember that digital marketing is so vast that nobody can truly know everything. In such a scenario, it becomes important for you as an important stakeholder to try and stay up to date, and know what the industry is up to. One great way to do that of course is to keep coming back to Digital Defynd : )

You may want to check out this podcast on the present State of Digital Marketing Education in India


7. Define what you want to measure. Stop shooting in the dark.

So a lot of people invest in campaigns and then complain that they didn’t work. Whether or not something will work entirely depends upon how you define success. Before you go on to investing any time money or other resources on a campaign, define what you want to get out of it. Branding/Leads/WalkIns or Sales? A campaign without an objective is much like a football match without a goal.

8. Analyse. As much as you can.

Many a times, simple analysis of where your customers are coming from, what are they clicking on, why are they no visiting a page can be enough to help you optimise your campaigns better and earn better ROI. Just start analysing. And if you are the kinds who get scared by Google Analytics, try installing something simpler on your WordPress Website (like Jetpack Stats), or try shortening your URLs using bitly.com and then track different clicks on different sources, or use native analytics for different platforms to try and find out how your campaigns are doing individually on each platform. No matter how little or how much you do, you need to analyse. Start small, and keep enhancing your efforts.

9. Think visual. Think video.

Facebook is hell bent on becoming a strong YouTube competitor, Vines and Periscopes are already generating buzz, 3G has moved to 4G and smart phones are becoming smarter. No matter where you look, video creation and consumption is rising. Needless to say, you need to start investing your energy in video as well.

Do read 9 Content Marketing Trends that will dominate 2016


10. Capture data. Capture email ids.

Subscribers through followers on social networking sites, remarketing data through pixels, email ids through data capturing forms. Capture everything, capture it all. You have facebook fans, but no reach, you have email ids, but nobody opens the emails you send, you have remarketing data, but nobody gets converted into a customer. In such a scenario, it becomes important to capture everything everywhere because you don’t know what will turn out to be useful tomorrow.

More specifically, email ids are set to play a major role in the times ahead, because in addition to email marketing becoming more relevant, you can use email ids to target customers on facebook and Google. Who knows maybe LinkedIn throws a surprise in the time to come too, and we get to target customers on LinkedIn through email ids!

11. Write for people and not for brands or search engines

I read this at so many places that I thought of including it here as well. Our website, DigitalDefynd is a few months old when this is being written. While many a people recommend and suggest to do in depth keyword analysis before writing every article, we don’t do it. While part of the reason for that is that we are lazy, the other reason is that if certain keywords or key phrases don’t let my content feel fresh, interesting or exciting to read, then what is the point of writing it in the first place?

inshorts, the news app is doing well thanks to its short news format.
inshorts, the news app is doing well thanks to its short news format.

Yes search traffic matters, but over time Google is becoming more human. As it becomes more human, it will start

reading articles as a human reads articles and not keep worrying or wondering about keywords and key phrases and length and back links and so on. If a news app like InShorts (News In Shorts) does so well, it is because of the reason that people don’t like reading too much these days. We are in fact a headline reading generation, if people click and actually read, then you are mighty successful already. So while there is definite merit in writing as per SEO guidelines, I personally feel SEO is only set to become more human, and what better than catering to the future with your content right now.

12. Invest in mobile. Start with a responsive website

Flipkart Lite was launched after much hullabaloo about Flipkart going app only
Flipkart Lite was launched after much hullabaloo about Flipkart going app only

Apps were the talk of the town all through 2015. What famously started by Myntra going app only and Flipkart announcing that it is following suit ended in Flipkart backtracking from their stance (with the launch of Flipkart Lite) and last heard, Myntra is also slowly going back to the mobile website version. Apps are great, but they aren’t the only answer. People don’t need your app if they don’t need it at least once a week if not everyday. Ask yourself honestly if people will want to check out your app every week, and if the answer is no, then better can that idea of creating an app and create a beautiful responsive website instead, one whose updates don’t need to be downloaded every now and then, one that doesn’t take up too much space on somebody’s phone and one that doesn’t feel too intrusive for people.

13. Don’t ignore the new platforms. Don’t try to be on every platform.

This is one big challenge actually. Every now and then I hear a query, “So what should we do on Snapchat?”. The answer simply lies in the fact that is your target audience on the relevant platform? You may want to target LinkedIn or YouTube or Whatsapp(Check out this Liquor Ticker campaign on Whatsapp) or some other platform based on where you think your audience exists. Don’t refer to random researches that suggest that a random platform is rising in popularity and therefore you invest on it, try to instead see how your audience is behaving and in which direction are they moving. Look globally, localise that information and then act. What works in America doesn’t necessarily have to work in India.

Suggested read : Here’s why everybody is going crazy about Snapchat

14. Partner. Collaborate.

Nestle Maggi Noodles Snapdeal Digital Comeback
When Maggi tied up with Snapdeal

There is only as much one can do alone. While companies are getting acquired left right and centre, another important trend is partnerships. Not like its a new concept, but you can go a long way digitally if you partner with people, with brands, with online properties. Our website for that matter is a great example itself. While individual blogs of professionals may or may not reach out to many people, this collective power of everybody coming together is helping amplify the thoughts, messages and conversations to a far wider audience. Sometimes, a simple partnership is the very ‘Growth Hack’ that can take you places.

You must check out how Maggi tied up with Snapdeal for a marketing coup of sorts

15. There are no miracles. There is no secret. Pure hard work.

Like I personally love to say Peeche Pad Jaao“. Miracles happen every now and then in marketing, but to build and sustain campaigns over a long term, you really need to invest all your energy in demystifying the various mediums, demystifying your audience, demystifying patterns and constantly learning while you do all that.

I am a trainer myself and I can tell you training is very crucial to help you grow, but if you don’t inculcate the habit of learning things through and through, then beyond a point you will never grow. We are all trying to climb this mountain of digital marketing, and one great way to do it is to work hard in the beginning, work together, so that the more experienced you become at working hard with time, the easier your journey will become.

16. Stop Marketing

Like seriously, why don’t we stop selling under the guise of marketing. Sell when you sell, but please stick to marketing when you do the latter. Nobody likes people to be in their face anymore, and the same applies to marketing. Let us respect people’s space and privacy, and start telling instead of selling. And if you want to get better at the art of marketing without marketing, pick up a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to win Friends and Influence People.

That will be all from my side, wish you the best with all your marketing efforts in 2016! Chak de Fatte!

You can also check out the webinar version of these 16 simple ways that I conducted for LeadSquared –

This article is part of the #2016defynd series where we have experts from the industry talk about what digital marketers need to do to keep up with Digital Marketing in 2016. You can check out the entire series here.

How about an Uber cool world?

I’ve lately been using a lot of Uber and I must say I am in love with the app. The moment you log on, you are shown all these cars in the vicinity, and then one comes flying to your pick up location. The best part about all of it is the GPS tracking along the way, all the way. Uber pvt driver

Now just the way I can see my car come to me, wouldn’t it be great if this technology could be extended everywhere. Say everybody in this world has a location enabled, high speed internet smart phone. You wake up in the morning and the maid hasn’t turned up to do the dishes from last night. Instead of frantically calling to find out where s/he is, you simply check the location on the map, an app shows you the time it will take for her to reach you and voila! You might as well go back to your sleep.MaidApp.

BossApp(Rightly titled Bapp). The meeting’s at 10. The boss is there at 9:54. Employee No. 4576 is missing. A call is made by No. 4577. The missing one says he is stuck in traffic on NH76. BossApp says otherwise. There goes the appraisal.

You just got free from a meeting in that far fetched location you’ve never been to before. You’ve got time to kill. You think of calling random people up to check if they aroung. Better still, you post a tweet or a facebook post asking if anybody’s around to catch up. Nobody responds. You add another small failure to an ever increasing list. But that will happen no more! With CatchApp you can track all your friends, colleagues, relatives, acquaintances, and the people who are trying to avoid you, all around you! Simply log on to the app, see who’s around, send a few messages and you are having the next frAppe at that nearby joint with the 4.3 rating on FApp(No wait, we’ll let that be FoodApp).

Those will be the days. That will be the future. Until then, gotta rush, UberApp says the driver’s almost here!

Making social media work for SMEs and Startups

Even though social media was coined a people’s medium when it came around, it is the big brands which seem to be making the most use of it, making small setups wonder whether they can even use this medium. Here are quick case studies of organisations from India that have gone from the unknown to being unknown thanks to Social Media. Features some of our clients at Green Smyles


Find more views, news and insights from the world of social media marketing at www.digitaldefynd.com

Model Indian Governance Summit

Spoke yesterday at the Model Indian Governance Summit! Great experience to have interacted with change makers from the country who had gathered to discuss ways to bring about change in policy making. Spoke about how social and online media can help enable the same by discussing some examples from across the globe and India.

Speaking at the Model Indian Governance Summit 2012 in Greater Noida


Thanks to the organising team for the opportunity :) It was a happy experience being there :)

Social Media Training for SBI in partnership with DUKE CEE, IIM Ahmedabad by Green Smyles

There are certain momentous moments in life which you are sure gonna remember for the rest of your life. Such an event happened recently. I got the opportunity to conduct a training on Social Media to an exclusive group of General Managers from State Bank of India. What’s more, this was conducted in association with DUKE Corporate Education (DUKE CE) which is partners with IIM Ahmedabad. The training was customised for bankers and made for a very interesting session of discussion and envisioning.


SBI General Managers with the DUKE CE IIM team and Green Smyles’ Prateek Shah


Green Smyles is honoured to have associated with DUKE CE / IIM Ahmedabad and feels glad to have presented a seminar on social media to the august audience.

Social Media doesn’t work…right?

“Social Media doesn’t work for anybody! Social Media is just a fad. You need huge investments to drive social media campaigns. Social media is equal to Facebook, right? Why don’t my likes increase?”

These are some myths and misconceptions that are plaguing the mindset of many startups and SMEs. Here is a brief attempt to break these myths and help you do social media(SM) the right way.

  1. How to start – First question you need to ask yourself is ‘What is the objective of your social media campaign?’ Do you want to sell your products? Do you want to spread word about yourself? Do you want to hire people? Or do you just want to be on social media because everybody else is?
  2. Choosing your platforms – Once you are done with answering the above, you need to decide the platforms which you will use for your campaign. If your target is working professionals, make more use of LinkedIn. If you want to reach out to a global audience and want to focus on the internet savvy in India, use twitter. Facebook can answer most of your questions, so it is in any case a good idea to be there. Even though Google + may not have taken off, having a Google + profile that you update regularly will help you come up in search results.
  3. What to post – Before you even start to post, you must first check if you have a website. If not, can you make one? If you don’t want a website right now, can you at least set up a free blog on WordPress or Blogspot? Without a central source of information on you, having social media profiles is not really going to solve much of a purpose. You need to drive people from social media to someplace else, and this someplace needs to be your website or blog.
  4. When to post – Most people who create social media profiles have the habit of starting off with a lot of energy and vigour but then the enthusiasm seems to cool off with the passage of time. Till you don’t learn to stay patient with your online campaigns, you will never be able to receive any results from them. Social media is no magic wand which will drive results for you overnight, but it needs constant care and nurturing to bear fruit over a period.
  5. Got nothing to post – Profiles are created, few posts have been published and now what? Social media is a tool to broadcast what you do to the world. Whether you are engaging in some offline marketing activity or hiring people for your company, or got yourself a new office space, or signed a new partnership, you need to tell the world about it through social media. For social media to work for you, first you need to work for social media. Offline activities translate into online content which end up spreading the word and good will about you which eventually helps you get endorsers and thus partners and clients. In case, you are not doing much on the company front, you can share articles from your industry, or write some yourself, put them up on the blog and share them on the pages.
  6. Nothing’s happening – Few days or weeks into the campaign, you may realize how nothing’s actually happening. Your cash registers haven’t started ringing and your brand awareness is also low. But if you continue your regular efforts for some more time then you will automatically see tangible results. This may begin with your Facebook friends knowing about your company and a one-off friend even passing on a lead to you. You need to carry on your all round efforts on all platforms and as a result you will start seeing more people visiting your Linkedin profile and more people checking your Facebook page. Good way to analyse all this is to see how many more people are visiting your website. You can make use of Google analytics for the same.
  7. Nobody likes me – Likes are the biggest myth of the modern day world. Increasing your likes by forcing your friends and relatives to like your page will not help you, but getting relevant people to check out your profile will. Don’t worry about number of likes on your page, they don’t really matter. In a population of billions, even if a few thousand like you, it’s not a big deal. What you should be bothered about is that when a prospective client comes to your page, he/she should see enough happening there to be able to get impressed by you and eventually associate with you.
  8. Advertising is expensive – No it’s not. Facebook ads are affordable, and you must use them to reach out to your relevant audience online. Yes, professionals don’t use Facebook as much as college goers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t use it at all. People from all age groups can be targeted on this platform even with a limited budget.
  9. So it’s all about Facebook? – NO! Facebook is important, but it’s LinkedIn where the main potential lies. Network more, interact in groups, send people messages, probably buy a premium account and see how you will benefit from the potential of LinkedIn
  10. Will this work? – If you give it time, energy and patience, it will work for sure and end up reducing your overall cost that you have been investing in sales, marketing, hiring and other functions previously. But if you can’t commit to social media then you might as well let go of social media for without commitment, social media will never work for you.

This article appeared in the Small Medium Entrepreneur Magazine and was also featured on YourStory – http://yourstory.in/2012/07/social-media-questions/


Its time to rise and shine

Social media is bringing about lots of change across the globe, so when i was invited by the ‘International Youth Forum for Policy, Change and Development‘ to speak on the issue, i decided to showcase ways in which our world is witnessing change thanks to Social and online media.  This seminar was special, as it gave me the chance to address youngsters from across the globe, a first for me :)

Many thanks and kudos to Alexis for organising a wonderful event. Big ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’ to all the youngsters who made for an extremely interactive audience ! Loved meeting you all and glad to have befriended youon facebook :)

Another important thing, thanks to the seminar, i created a ppt which was then uploaded to slideshare and happened to go on to feature on their homepage! The presentation follows –

Here are some pictures from the event –