How to extract Email ids of your LinkedIn Contacts

How to extract Linkedin Contacts

Your LinkedIn profile is a goldmine. Time to dig for some gold.

I ask a lot of people what they do with their LinkedIn profile and most often the answer is that people look for jobs, read some articles, ‘connect’ with people and that’s largely it. What most people don’t seem to realise is that this most important professional network they are on, can open a lot of new doors for them, only if they realise to use it wisely. This is the first in a series of articles where we try and see what LinkedIn can do for  you.

For all you sales professionals, HR managers, and all the people wanting to get in touch with people, this is how you can extract EMail IDs of all your contacts on LinkedIn.

Step 1 : Mouse over My Network on the header bar and click on Connections

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 1


Step 2 : Click on the ‘gear’ Settings Button on the far right

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 2


Step 3 : On the next page, under Advanced Settings, click on Export LinkedIn Connections

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 3


Step 4 : Now simply choose the format that suits you the best and click on Export

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 4


Step 5 : Fill in the words shown in the security verification / Captcha image and proceedHow to extract LinkedIn Contacts 5


Step 6 : Your download appears in the bottom download bar

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 6


Step 7 : This Excel sheet holds a lot of rich information about all your contacts

How to extract LinkedIn Contacts 7


The email ids you extract here can be used for multiple purposes, right from targeting custom audiences on Facebook, EMail Marketing, direct one on one marketing and so on. Ideally, you must keep taking a download of this data for you never know when LinkedIn stops allowing users to do it. So if you haven’t done it so far, then right now wouldn’t be too bad a time either :)

More articles in the how to series to follow. If you have any specific questions, post them in the comments below, request an article or ask a question in our forum section.

Linkedin finally has a new app and you will love it

I can’t seem to remember the number of people who I have come across who have told me how they hate Linkedin’s UI. How they can’t search for stuff on the platform, can’t find what is happening where and most importantly can’t even see at one place what they posted on the portal!

Well, all that has been slowly changing, and today Linkedin took a long stride in moving towards improved customer experience. This year, Linkedin already came up with the Publish Post feature and the new groups interface, and today it announced the arrival of the new Linkedin app, which looks classy and is smooth to use.

While the app will make for a lot of people logging on more regularly to see the latest in the platform, what it has more importantly done is added one of the most important feature that many people have been missing for far too long, a simple place where people can see their activities including what they have posted. Sharing some screenshots of the all new app.

LinkedIn New App 2015 DigitalDefynd


LinkedIn New App 2015 DigitalDefynd


LinkedIn New App 2015 DigitalDefynd

Good news everyone! LinkedIn acquires Slideshare!

Acquisitions don’t always make one happy! But this case is different and special.

Ever since the social media industry has exploded, the world seems to have gone gaga over facebook, twitter and maybe about how google + may or may not beat them at the social game. LinkedIn, and the even lesser known Slideshare somehow get lost in the game. Now the argument may be that LinkedIn doesn’t have a user base that matches that of facebook, or people haven’t gone crazy for this network, but that actually doesn’t matter. What matters is, that LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks that we have out there, and it is responsible for altering career decisions to candidates getting through better companies to better business networking and deal cracking for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

You can have all the fun you want on facebook, but when it comes down to serious work, you’ve got to actively use LinkedIn! Moving on to slideshare, i remember once making this tiny harmless ppt on ’10 simple lessons from Kolaveri Di’ and uploading it on the network to see if people like it. To my amazement, it started trending on the slideshare platform and till date has got 12,000+ views from across the globe. 130 people liked it on facebook, 54 ending up tweeting about it, add to that 9 favorites on the platform itself. No other platform on the planet gives you the power to reach out to so many people irrespective of the kind of content you create, but with slideshare, if you’re good, word spreads fast.

The reason to be happy today is that when 2 important platforms come together, they are bound to end up helping out lots of professionals out there, making their task of reaching out to relevant audiences easier and better. Cheers to the team at slideshare! For its a well deserved acquisition :) Hope this fuels the hopes of many other Indian startups as well, the hope of doing good work and getting noticed across the globe.


Social Media for Social Change

NGOs, non profits and any other social organisation which is working towards social change in the society most importantly needs to make use of social media. I was recently invited by Center of Civil Society ( ) for a talk on social media at their conference titled ipolicy for Development Leaders’ . It was a pleasure getting to meet some great people who are trying to bring about all kinds of good changes through their initiatives. Find below the video from the talk, hope you can gain something out of it as well.



Social Media Business Bootcamp in Delhi NCR

I am conducting a two day business bootcamp in Noida in the  month of January. Come join in if you love social media or are interested in exploring the same :) Details below –

“Having a strong online reputation allows people to listen to you, buy your product/service and be a part of what you have to offer. Social Media has taken this world by storm. This new media is creating a new generation of influencers and it is resetting the hierarchy of authority, while completely freaking out those who once held power without objection. The truth is that most of the existing formulas, methodologies, and systems miss or completely ignore the role of new influencers to inspire action, cause change, spark trends and recruit advocates.

After so many successful workshops Urban Vidya brings to you next, a 2-days Business Bootcamp.
If you want to be a part of this revolution and leverage social media for the success of your brand, then come be a part of this bootcamp.

Who can do this?

This bootcamp is not for the conventional, for those who are risk adverse and for those who don’t like change. It’s for:

– Entrepreneurs who want to streamline their business and implement systems
– Business owners who want to work ON their business not in it
– Creatives who want to understand how to use online marketing to grow their business
– Busy people who want to become more productive and successful
– Smart and savvy people who understand how powerful Social Media is for any business
– People who want to have a thriving business and their ultimate lifestyle

What will you gain?

• Learn the key concepts of Social Media and understand how it differs from other forms of marketing (both online and offline).
• Learn how organizations can, at 140 characters a tweet, turn this into a powerful marketing tool.
• Explore why would an organization blog? What would they blog about? How do they create fresh, relevant content? How can organizations hook up blogs to other social media channels?
• Profiles, friends, groups, networks, social ads, pages, polls… What does it all mean and how can you leverage the power of Facebook to improve your marketing efforts?
• Know how does an organization use LinkedIn which is one of the biggest professional networking sites in the world to develop new contacts, to enhance the online image of their company, to talk and engage with their peers and to advertise to specific audiences?
• Explore the range of sites that are on the web and begin to identify strategies that your company could adopt to maximize their potential.
• Learn all the online tools to help you run effective campaigns
• Tips and suggestions customized to your brand’s need
• Measuring the success of your campaign
• Live Project to implement all that you will learn

Fees: Rs 5000/-

To Register/Know more:

1. SMS “SMB_yourname” to 9582011500
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Social Media Trainings by Urban Vidya –

Demystifying Social Media and Online Communication

I was recently invited to speak at the Ahmedabad Management Association on the topic of Demystifying Social Media and Online Communication. I talked about the evolution of internet, social media and how Facebook replaced Orkut; Something else replacing Facebook in the time to come and the growing trend of customised Social Networks for organisations. All that and much more in this four part series.


Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –

Demystifying Social Media and Online Communication


Social media sites have taken this world by storm. It was orkut few years ago, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and more today, and probably google + tomorrow. The platforms will come and go, but the medium won’t change. Man is fast becoming an online social animal and will grow to learn up any new platform that comes its way. What the communicator needs to understand is not how to do facebook, but to communicate with humans online.

Inviting you to a seminar on Demystifying Social Media and Online Communication to be conducted by me at Ahmedabad Management Association ( ) on 12th August at 6:30 pm.

Feel free to invite all your friends and colleagues who are interested in knowing more about online communications and social media.

More about the workshop here –


2010 : Emergence of India 2.0

It’s funny how you tell the world to blog but end up procrastinating it yourself. But that’s the thing with blogs, while tweets and other updates are enough for daily views and discussions, there should be something worthwhile to blog about. Something should move you enough to make you ponder over it and pour your thoughts onto a blog.

All the controversies that have marred India this year and how they are related to captioned subject made me write this, with the latest Open Magazine expose being a perfect case in point. Lets quickly go back to the beginning of the year, when Tharoor was caught in the controversy of a lifetime. One of country’s most adroit politicians with a few lakh of supporters on twitter got caught in his own web when good friend Lalit Modi decided to send his fortunes for a toss with a simple tweet. Both are now to be found far away from their offices, while one spends time in his constituency , the other finds solace in another country.


Shashi Tharoor
Image by Cmic Blog via Flickr


Move over to our beloved CWG (Controversy Worthy Games), and we saw how on one hand there was talk about even the toilet paper that was bought whereas broken bridges made us famous across the world. Kalmadi jokes were all around the place and the media left no stone unturned to ensure we all discuss, debate and bring the culprits to task. The good part was that even once after the spectacular games were over, people carried on with their wrath and eventually some heads rolled.

While that issue was simmering , our leaders were getting ready to give us more reason for our blood to boil. The 2G Scam, touted as the biggest the country has seen so far (1.7 lakh crore, i thought of putting it down in numbers, but was afraid i’d commit a mistake ) has left people befuddled and bedazzled over the magnanimity of it.  Cracked by a journalist from The Pioneer, J. GopiKrishnan , it has brought upon unprecedented shame upon the government with even the Supreme Court questioning the Prime Minister about his silence over the issue.

So far so good, but then came the shocker which perplexed many. Leading journalists of the country, Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi and other caught on tapes in a controversy involving lobbying and wrongly influencing masses under the effect of corporates. Open Magazine blew the lid, twiterrati went crazy, there are blogs on the subject by the dozen by now and everybody who got to hear about it is discussing it. But wait a minute..what about the media itself? What are they making out of this controversy? They should be airing all these recordings demanding explanations by these stalwarts right? Afraid they are not and in all probability they will continue with their blackout stance. But the point is we still got to know about it all and that’s what matters.


Image by BalaSub via Flickr


The change is evident, what was a fad till an year ago is a reality today, we are becoming more open and how. Tharoor, Modi, Kalmadi, Raja have all been a victim of the ever increasingly aware becoming Indian, who talks, discusses, questions and helps create ripples nationwide which is eventually reflected in the powerhouses where the final decisions are taken. Social Media has not only helped people speak up, but led them to collaborate, form opinions and influence outcomes. You might call these facts baseless, but i sadly can’t do a qualitative analysis of the same and definitely wouldn’t be possible to get any tapes from the boardrooms.

If you are still skeptical, then lets talk about the Open Magazine controversy, where did you get to hear about it? You didn’t buy the magazine right? You read it online,  the link to which you got through a mail/tweet/fb update and still there’s such a big controversy around the same, ain’t it. How? You did it.  Social Media did it. And the same social media will keep ensuring we move towards openness, truth and being genuine; all of which has led to the emergence of the Indian who maybe online all the time but is doing enough to bring about changes in the offline world.

2010 will long be remembered as the year when India turned into India 2.0 . Be ready to witness an array of sting operations  in the coming times. Each one of us is now empowered to ‘break news’.

Prateek Shah


P.S : There are more instances of Social Media playing an active role in bringing about change. Air India fiasco – , The Times of India reply to its Ayodhya headline –

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The lines are blurring

There used to be a time when there was a clear demarcation between professional and personal life. Friends at work were different from friends in the after life. Without a cellphone, people would rarely share/call on other

colleagues/business associates home numbers. First came the MNCs, bringing with them the culture of working hard, partying

A Motorola DynaTAC 8000X from 1984. This phone...
A Motorola DynaTAC 8000X From 1984. Image via Wikipedia

harder encouraging the employee to shake a leg and gulp a beer with that person who used to sit across the room and not even pass a smile.

Mobiles and cellphones were a matter of pride when they came into existence and people invariably liked to flaunt it by giving away numbers and talking on the pencil box sized handsets in the early days. The culture continued and soon everybody had one becoming the common source of staying in touch with all your contacts – personal and professional.

During all this time,the Internet was strengthening its roots, preparing itself for the grand launch

into everybody’s life. While the shrubs could be seen everywhere in the form of emails and websites, nobody quite understood the power of the medium till one of these roots grew into a full-grown tree which simply didn’t seem to stop. This tree/These trees are known by multiple names in the world today – orkut, facebook, twitter, myspace, youtube, linkedin and more. They are branching out and people are latching on.

Just like the one mobile, people invariably have one e-mail id that they give out to people. Even if they have multiple, the online world ensures that they have just one profile(or profiles on multiple portals in sync with each other). When we talk of one identity, it gets difficult to not allow people you know(at work/from the college/old school friend) to know each other since you have added them all to the same profile. While we have different portals for catering to personal(likes of facebook) and professional(linked in etc) needs, we end up in a situation where the two overlap each other. This could be in want of ‘more friends’ , ‘better networking’ , ‘inability to say no’ or simply by choice, but we see how ‘we the individual’ behaves as one at all places.

As time passes, you realise how the vendor you deal with knows about your recent holiday to the backwaters at Kerala or the neighbour whom you hardly get time to talk to knows of your promotion at work.

Social Media - Connecting People

The lines are blurring, the times are changing, adapt fast, or you’ll be left dangling

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